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Your Facebook Timeline is now .GIF-friendly!

Your Facebook Timeline is now .GIF-friendly!

I think we can all agree that Facebook has come a long way since it was merely an underground social networking site for college students. Recently, they’ve made a very big change that will probably make the majority of younger Facebook users extremely happy. Facebook, which now supports GIFs on your timeline, is finally catching […] Read more…

The Do’s, Don’ts, and Dangers of Snapchat

The Do's, Don'ts and Dangers of Snapchat

For those who don’t know, Snapchat is a social media platform for smartphones where you can send people “snaps” (pictures/videos). You can choose to let people see the snaps for up to ten seconds before they’re not able to view them anymore. You can also add snaps to your “story” for everyone to see, which […] Read more…

Social Media Management: Facebook


Today the social media industry is booming, and many organizations are taking to Facebook in order to establish their own presence online. Today we’d like to present you with a few tips that’ll specifically help you develop your Facebook page, build a community, and maintain an audience. These tips are useful for both business and […] Read more…

Facebook Gives Removal Guidelines a Makeover

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Recently, Facebook has added more detail to their guidelines on the removal of content. The guidelines used to be short, sweet and to-the-point, but also lacked the clarity necessary for users to fully understand them. The rules have nearly tripled in size, coming in at about 2,500 words. They’ve added much needed detail to their […] Read more…

How to Get Your Business Started on Pinterest

How to get your

Pinterest is a bit newer to the social media game, but it’s extremely useful for almost everyone! It was first well-known as being a site that most women used, especially mothers. But now, businesses and entrepreneurs are using it to help increase their business and interaction with customers/clients. Today, I’m going to give you a […] Read more…

Why does Content go Viral?

Why does content go viral

Every now and then, you’ll see something online that went viral almost literally overnight. Things like #thedress (black & blue or white & gold??) and the famous selfie from The Oscars gained attention exponentially, and it makes you wonder, how does that even happen? In basic terms, something has the ability to go viral if […] Read more…

Four Up-and-Coming Social Media Platforms

Four up and coming social media platforms

Let’s face it: Facebook and Twitter are just getting old. We’ve been using them for years now, and it seems that we all could shake it up a bit. Here are four social media platforms that would definitely be worth your time on the Web! 1) Bubblews Basically speaking, Bubblews is a social media platform […] Read more…

Instagram: 7 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms out there right now. It would only make sense to get your business started on it, because it could give you a boost above the competition.  In this post, we’ll be sharing with you 7 marketing strategies that will give your business that extra push on […] Read more…

Get Your Business Started with Social Media

get your business started with social media

A lot of businesses these days are starting to get more involved with the Internet and social media. However, some may still be falling behind, whether it’s that their social media is lacking or that they don’t use social media at all! In this day and age, it’s extremely important that businesses connect with their […] Read more…

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