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Net Neutrality


Recently there’s been a whole lot of talk about this “Net Neutrality” business, and many people have been scratching their heads as to what exactly Net Neutrality is! Today I’d like to talk about exactly what this guiding principle is, and what it means to you as a computer user! Net Neutrality is an important […] Read more…

Why does Content go Viral?

Why does content go viral

Every now and then, you’ll see something online that went viral almost literally overnight. Things like #thedress (black & blue or white & gold??) and the famous selfie from The Oscars gained attention exponentially, and it makes you wonder, how does that even happen? In basic terms, something has the ability to go viral if […] Read more…

The Internet of Things and What it Means to You


The Internet of Things! You’ve probably heard the term here and there, but it’s only recently becoming a trending topic. So what is it? Well, many groups describe it differently, but each definition can agree that the “first” version of the Internet was comprised of data created by people, while the next version will be […] Read more…

The Future of Online Piracy


Piracy is something that’s been around for centuries, but online piracy has only become a problem in the past two decades. It used to be all about shady operations, code names, VPNs and proxies. Now, it’s taken to the mainstream and a lot of the people you know may be pirating music, movies and video […] Read more…

How Safe is Your Computer Against Attacks?


Sometimes it feels like computers and technology are moving faster than we are as humans. It can be scary, but computers are nothing but useful if you take care of them properly. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some important reminders to take into consideration when you’re using your computer. 1) Stay updated This is […] Read more…

Four Up-and-Coming Social Media Platforms

Four up and coming social media platforms

Let’s face it: Facebook and Twitter are just getting old. We’ve been using them for years now, and it seems that we all could shake it up a bit. Here are four social media platforms that would definitely be worth your time on the Web! 1) Bubblews Basically speaking, Bubblews is a social media platform […] Read more…

Instagram: 7 Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms out there right now. It would only make sense to get your business started on it, because it could give you a boost above the competition.  In this post, we’ll be sharing with you 7 marketing strategies that will give your business that extra push on […] Read more…

Tumblr Changed its Layout Again, and Users Aren’t Happy

Tumblr changed its layout again

Tumblr, a very popular blogging site among teens and young adults, has been changing nearly everything that didn’t need to be fixed to begin with. Icons have been changed, the dashboard has been completely revamped and picture posts are now distorted beyond repair. Even the little changes, like slightly changing the color of the background […] Read more…

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