Your brand is sweet. It’s stylish. It’s social.

We provide services to clients, who are in need of social media foundation, framework and marketing; which are required to emerge and succeed in the social media industry.

So what do we do?
Well first lets divide our company into two parts, Consulting and Marketing/Managing.

Consulting is always the first step in our lay out. If you’ve added Social Media as part of your marketing plan or are thinking of adding it, our first question to you will be “What are you trying to Achieve?” After getting to know you and your company more, we will evaluate your current Social Media sites and discuss various social media platforms. Helping you not only understand the tools of social media but how these tools can lead to your goals is our objective. We will set up a Social Media plan or “pathway” together towards the end of our consult.

Marketing and Managing comes in after the consult. From here, we’ll take over your social media sites and put use the platform pathway/strategy that was set fourth in consultation. While managing your sites, we’ll also manage your social media campaigns and day to day activities along with promotions, and online advocacy. While marketing your company, we’ll be an advocate of your company so we can answer questions posted to your sites and engage in conversations where appropriate. Among these responsibilities, we will monitor the impact of campaigns and social media programs to maximize results. After we analyze, we will review and report our findings back to you our client. If we find something isn’t working the way we’d like, we will revisit the plan and make necessary changes and adjustments.

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